DVD Wizard Pro: FAQs

DVD Wizard Pro is software that works with DVDs. Here are some of the questions that consumers usually ask:

What Is DVD Wizard Pro Exactly?

This is software that is easy to use and gives you the liberty of backing up your DVDs and VHS content, plus games.

Can DVD Wizard Pro Work on Macintosh Computers?

Yes, it can.

Is It Legal to Copy DVDs?

It depends on your country’s local laws. Some are okay with it while others are not. They will not accept responsibility for your actions if you do not follow the laws in your area.

Can DVD Wizard Pro Work with Protected DVDs?

Yes, it is not limited by DVD protection as the software takes the DVD through an authentication process to unlock it.

If Something Went Wrong with DVD Wizard Pro, Do I Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you will get full help even with the technical problems. However, if they are hardware issues, the company will not be of help as far as refunds are concerned.

Can Copied DVDs Play on Usual Players?

Most of them can play the copied DVDs as long as the player supports VCDs.

How Many CDs do I Need to Burn One DVD and for How Long?

All this depends upon the content length of what is on the DVD. If you are saving the content in compressed form, then one CD is usually enough. Speed is further determined by the computer speed and the detail level of the DVD.

Will the DVD Wizard Pro Copied CD Have the Same Value as the Original DVD?

It sure will, even better, because VCDs are much better than VHS.