DVD Pro 6: Working with the Interface

DVDit Pro 6 has one of the most user friendly interfaces among the video editing software. The following tutorial describes how to work with the interface of DVDit Pro 6. This software offers all the controls necessary for movie creation/edition using the Palette, Project, Preview, Attributes and the Timeline windows.

Step 1: Prepare the Workspace

There are 5 different windows and not all are necessary for you all the time. With the 5 windows, there are 5 different workspaces to choose from (by pressing number 1 through 5 on the keyboard). Select the best layout for you; with all your necessary windows, you can customize your workspace by resizing and moving the windows around.

Step 2: Get the Palette Library Ready for Use

You can import media files by selecting the browse button in the “Import” tab of the palette window. Then, you will select whichever media file you want to add to the library and import it. You can click the images/templates tab to see the standard menu designs that are available. Drag and drop the images/templates in the preview window, and you can see how your changes will look.

Step 3: Add a Track inside the Movie

Add tracks using a simple drag and drop method. Drag the media files from the palette window and place them where you need them in the timeline window. You can add up to eight supported audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks.

Step 4: Modify Settings and Configurations

Project settings and track configurations can be modified anytime you want, by just clicking in the appropriate field of the “Movie attribute” window or project window.

Thus, getting along with the interface of DVDit Pro 6 is very simple with just drag and drops and informative windows.