DVD Pro 6: Using the Timeline

DVDit Pro 6, developed by Roxio Professional, is a high end DVD disc producing and editing application geared at video professionals, event videographers, independent film makers, post production facilities, as well as video enthusiasts. DVDit Pro 6 lets you author up to 69 different menus in its Menu Compositor and save your project on a DVD disc. You can also create numerous audio and subtitle tracks to go with your project. This application also gives you the means to add CSS and AACS copy protection onto your DVD. In essence, you have all the tools necessary to build DVD disc from scratch. This tutorial specifically looks at how to manage your projects in the Timeline Interface of DVDit Pro 6.

Step 1: Add Video to the Timeline

The timeline in DVDit Pro 6 is where you manage your videos, music and subtitle tracks. DVDit Pro 6 allows you to manage up to 8 audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks with your movie. It is very simple to add video clips to the timeline; simply drag your video or videos to timeline from the folder you have them stored in, and arrange them chronologically (as you like) in the timeline.

Step 2: Add Chapters

To add chapters to your film, click on the Add Chapter button on the Tool bar and go through the instructions to add chapters to your timeline.

Step 3: Add Audio & Subtitle Tracks

To add audio tracks to your timeline, simply drag your audio file from the media palette onto one of the audio tracks available. In a similar fashion, you can add your subtitle script to one of the subtitle tracks by either importing them from a subtitle creation program or through the internal subtitle editor that comes with DVDit Pro 6.