DVD Pro 6: Using the Project Window

The DVDit Pro 6 is a powerful, yet easy to use, video production software from Sonic Solutions. It can be used to produce excellent DVDs with multimedia content. Though it may require some familiarization for beginners, the software combines features such as high definition video and links to websites among others.  It uses a simple drag and drop interface for assembly and can also import projects from other applications. It has four great capabilities that include basic editing, advanced editing, DVD when you need it, and Interactive DVD on PC on the project window. These features have a variety of functions, such as:

Basic Edit

In the basic edit stage feature, you can assemble your clips, titles, menus and playlists. You can also use basic edit to review different aspects of the project. It allows the importation of pictures for slide shows of up to 999 pictures in a picture slide.

Advanced Edit

Advanced edit is for further customization, where you could create multiple language DVDs and also add subtitles, as well as navigation options.


DVD when you need it is useful for making DVDs in the shortest time possible with the best results. A variety of feature makes it possible to put together a DVD with little fuss even for non experts.

Interactive DVD

Interactive DVD allows for playing the DVD on a computer with additional information on display. This information may be links to websites, manuals and spreadsheets either stored on the disc or on the web.  It also has capabilities to customize the player appearance and control options.