DVD Pro 6: Using the Preview Window

The DVDit Pro 6 showcases a range of professional features, including subtitle tracks and multiple audio, as well as clip playlist and association navigation control. The main Preview Window is generally used for editing and is composed of 2 tabs: Menu tab and Title tab.

Menu Tab

The Menu tab in the Preview Window is where you can lay out your menus, as well as create button links. In the Menu tab, you can see different tools for laying out the menu including the Selection, Highlight and Text tools. The Selection tool is used to move, select and resize buttons as well as text objects. If you want to draw and edit highlight rectangles on menus from a layered Photoshop file, then you can use the Highlight tool while the Text tool is used to edit and create text.

It is also here where you can find the Add buttons like the Sub-menu, Slideshow and Add Movie buttons. Aside from these, you may also align selected menu objects using the Align Objects button. To change the background color of your movie, just use the Background Color button.

Title Tab

On the other hand, the Title tab is where you can trim and preview the movies. This is where you can manipulate the movie per frame, including the timecode.

On this tab, you can find the Playhead, which you can drag to scroll through the different parts of the movie. The Timecode Counter, End Trim Point and Out Point are also located in this tab. The Timecode Counter displays the timecode on the Playhead, while the End Trim Point is used to trim or cut the end of the movie.

The Title tab also features tabs that allow you to move to the next or previous chapter or frame as well as play, pause or stop the showing of the movie.