DVD Pro 6: Using the Palette Window

The Palette window in the DVDit Pro 6 serves a large number of purposes, and here are the important ones.

Creating a Jacket Picture

The Palette window allows you to create, edit and manipulate a jacket picture for the DVD. To do this, you will use the image tab in the Palette window. To set the Jacket Picture, you will click the Images tab in the Palette window and then locate the image that you want to use. You will now right-click the image and choose ‘Set as Jacket Picture’ from the shortcut menu.

To remove the Jacket Picture, you will locate the Jacket Picture image on the Palette window’s Images tab, and then simply right-click the image. Choose Remove Jacket Picture from the shortcut menu.

Creating a Movie

To create a movie using the palette window, you will simply need to drag a video from the Palette window’s Media tab onto the Project window’s Titles group. This will create a new movie icon that you can now edit as per your liking.

Importing Movies from a DVD+VR Disc

To import movies from a DVD, you will click the Media tab in the Palette window. You will now navigate through the file menu to import the ‘DVD+VR Content’. This will display the import content dialog box. You will now select the required movie, and click OK to import them to the computer. Imported movies appear on the Palette window’s Media tab.

You should now be familiar with some of the chief functions of the Palette windows.