DVD Pro 6: Using the Attributes Window

Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6 is a flexible program used to create DVD-Video discs. The authoring process consists of several stages of work, such as importing media files (assets), creating movies, slideshows and menus, adding links between the content, setting playback order, simulation, and burning to disc.

DVDit Pro 6 allows beginners to easily start producing their own projects without compromising on the quality of its tools and features. A basic user can fully develop his talent. Basically, it has three components – menus, titles and playlists. Visually, the program looks easy to master as well – it displays a timeline, a content bin and an attributes window. The following steps briefly show you how to start creating the Main Menu of your project using the Attributes Window.

Step 1: Opening the Attributes Window

You can open the window either by pressing F4 or by opening the Window menu and choosing Attributes.

Step 2: Getting Familiar with the Attributes Window

The Attributes window displays menu designs and preview. To switch between the two activities, simply switch between the tabs.

Step 3: Creating a Main Menu

Select the Text tool in the upper left corner of the Preview window. Type “Main Menu” and press Ctrl+Enter. The text object is created and appears in the menu. On the Text tab of the Attributes window, set your font, size and other options. Then, if you want, click on the Effects tab of the attributes window and choose an option for your text.