DVD Pro 6: Understanding HD Transcoding

DVDit Pro 6 is a DVD authoring program developed by the Roxio label of Sonic Solutions. Because it was released in 2006, it does not have the ability to create Blu Ray Discs. Despite that fact, it is still possible to create regular DVDs with HD resolutions. The determining factor for this is that the video you are working with must be HD.


Transcoding is the direct digital to digital conversion of one format to another. For video production, our footage is typically stored on our hard drives as Quicktime files (.MOV) on Macs and as AVI files on PCs. While these formats are great for editing, the file sizes are way too large to fit on a DVD (4.7 GB) disc. So, it becomes necessary to transcode the files in the MPEG-2 format.

This format creates high quality video that takes up very little disc space. If you're editing HD video, then it is best to use your editing program to transcode the files so that you can have full control over them to make sure that they retain the HD resolutions. Once the transcoding is done there, you can import the MPEG-2s into DVDit Pro6.

You could also use DVDit Pro to transcode your videos, but it may not offer as many options as your editing program does.