DVD Pro 6: Creating a DVD project

The DVDit Pro6, developed by Roxio, is a high end DVD production application that lets you control every facet of your DVD creation process, from editing your videos in the timeline to adding audio to subtitle tracks. Roxio’s DVDit Pro 6 has all the features necessary to allow you to produce great interactive DVDs on your computer. This articles looks at how to create a project with DVDit Pro 6.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Click on New button in the Menu Toolbar and select Project. This will open a blank workplace. The workplace will have 5 windows, namely the Project, Preview, Media Palette and Timeline windows that contain all the tools necessary to create your project.

Step 2: Add a Video Track

To add a video to your project, simply choose and drag the video file or files you wish to turn into a movie from your Media Palette to your Timeline window, and drop them over the empty Video Track there.

Step 3: Add Audio and Subtitle Tracks

Again, you can add the audio and subtitle tracks from your media to your Timeline by dragging them onto an empty Audio or Subtitle track. With these steps, you will have successfully created a project in DVDit Pro 6.