DVD Cloner Platinum: An Overview

DVD Cloner Platinum software is a fully featured and highly capable solution that is used for copying, burning or converting a DVD (either data, video or audio). Read on to get a complete overview of the software and what it can do for you.

About DVD Cloner Platinum

The DVD Cloner Platinum essentially encompasses all of the features of it’s little brother, the DVD Cloner, and provides a host of extra features like the ability to backup and then convert a DVD movie into a format that is compatible with the iPod (Touch, Classic or Nano).

The video output quality for the DVD Cloner Platinum as usual is excellent and the picture reproduction is perfect. This makes it an ideal solution to create backups of your digital movie collection and also the complete multimedia conversion solution.

Noteworthy Features

The DVD Cloner Platinum features the all-important ability of being able to clone a perfect 1:1 copy of any DVD (either data, video or audio). It also has the added ability to backup and restore HD DVDs and Blu-ray movies. Also, when you convert a DVD file on the PC platform, it can directly send the file to your iPod by bypassing the iTunes software.

The DVD Cloner Platinum essentially contains two software modules: DVD-Cloner and iPod-Cloner. The first one simply allows the user to create perfect backup copies of DVDs, HD DVDs or Blu-Ray movies, while the iPod cloner allows a simple one click solution to convert your DVD collection to iPod based videos that can be directly streamed to your TV.