DVD Architect Pro: DVD Burning From Timeline

DVD Architect Pro, developed by SONY, is currently available in its latest incarnation in the Vegas Pro 9 suite, used to create and edit music and films to store on CD, DVD or Blue-Ray Discs. It is a professional software application that comes with a whole list of features that allows its users to control every facet of their media creation and development.

This article will focus on how to burn a DVD disc using the DVD Architect Pro in the Vegas Pro 9 environment once your project is complete in the timeline.

Step 1: Access the Burn Dialog

In Vegas Pro 9, you can access the DVD Architect Pro Burn dialog by clicking on Tools in the Main Menu Bar and choosing the Burn Disc option. A sub menu will open where you need to click on the Burn DVD option to enter the Burn DVD Dialog.

Step 2: Burn Dialog

In the DVD Architect Pro Burn dialog, choose the appropriate Video Format option in the drop down list next to it to choose how you would like to render your video stream. There will also be an Audio Format box from where you will be able to specify the parameters to render your audio stream.

Step 3: Burn DVD Disc

Once these parameters are set, choose the drive from where you wish to burn your disc. You can also adjust the Burn Speed of your DVD disc drive. If you select Max as your speed, DVD Architect Pro will burn your disc at the maximum speed available on your drive. Click on the OK button to begin rendering your image file and burn your DVD disc.