DVD 95 Copy: An Overview

If you are looking for DVD copying software, DVD 95 Copy is a great option to consider. With this software, you can copy any of your DVDs.

Key Features

If you want to copy any DVD content, then this is the right software because it does the work in just 30 minutes. With this, you are able to get or rather keep the DVD originality right from menus to various audio streams. This can be done as long as the DVD to be copied to is recordable, for example, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. Additionally, you also have the liberty of copying favorite television shows through the software. The software also has auto fit technology that guarantees you the best quality for your DVD.


The software can be supported by various Microsoft systems like Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This simply means you don’t need any additional operating system to use the software.


All DVDs and Blu-rays on the market are supported by the software. Additionally, this software comes in various versions like DVD 95 Copy Pro, DVD 95 Copy Xpress and DVD 95 Copy Ripper/Decrypter. You are given a chance to sample the product for 30 days and then if there is a qualm, you can return it.