Disco Disc Burner: Great Features

The Disco Disc Burner is a great new application for the Mac platform that essentially allows drag and drop burning to your discs. But, that is only on the face of it. Underneath the hood, the Disco Disc Burner has a host of powerful features:


This great feature allows you to keep track of every disc that you have ever burned, along with the contents and every single file. It provides an instantly searchable history complete with timestamps and the last edited records. If you are constantly losing track of your discs and files, then this is a great addition to your arsenal.


Having more files than a single disc will permit is pretty painful if you have to manually weed out space consuming files and then rearrange them to fill up the maximum possible space. Disco takes care of this problem automatically for you and divides the files optimally. It also tells you how many additional discs are needed to complete the process.

Power Tools

Disco provides seamless integration for multiple sessions on a single disc with different kinds of file systems, audio and video burning and handling disc image creation.