Disco Disc Burner: An Overview

Disco Disc Burner is a software program that makes it very easy for you to burn discs in an effortless manner. With all the features that other disc burning applications have to offer, Disco stands out from the crowed by offering more. The logging feature offers you a detailed look at the past discs burnt since the software was installed (and the exact date and time for all discs burnt).

Disc Images

Disco Disc Burner does more than burn physical discs; it also has the ability to burn and create disc images.

Oversized Files

Disco Disc Burner can take care of files that are larger than the available space on a target disc. When this software finds that a file is too large to be burned on the target disc, it will simply divide the file into multiple numbers of discs and then burn the file on multiple discs.

Smoke Effects

Disco Disc Burner provides seven different smoke effects including those named Fire, Icy Mist, Smoke, Goo, Red Sea, Purple Haze and Steam. When burning your disc, a window fills up with the smoke effect, which is an eye candy feature and nothing more. It is also possible for you to create your own types of smoke effects, though you cannot save them as presets for future use.

Disco Disc Burner support is working on offering many more benefits, including support for the latest Blu-Ray technology, and is said to have this finalized in the near future.