Designing Your Menu in Showbiz DVD

When using Showbiz DVD it's relatively easy to create professional video productions. These can then be burned onto DVD or Blu-ray disk to make them very easy to share. If you are planning on creating a DVD then you will need to learn how to design an attractive menu. DVDs and Blu-ray disks are easier to watch than videos because they have menus. The menus make it very simple to find exactly what the viewers are trying to find on the disk without searching through the entire video.

ShowBiz DVD makes it very simple to design your menu. The menu will be almost identical to a professional and commercial DVD. This makes it easy to make your complete DVD look as good as possible.

Step 1: Create DVD

The first thing that you need to do is create your DVD as the menus are created automatically when new content is added. To do this, launch Showbiz DVD and then click on the "Create" button located at the top of the screen. This will take you to the create module which can be used to design your DVD or blu-ray disk.

Step 2: Adding Videos

Click on the media tab in the create module and then find the videos that you want to add. The video clips can either be added from the gallery or by browsing on your computer's hard drive. When you have added the videos they will automatically create entries on the DVD menu.

Sub menus are automatically created when you separate the videos into chapters. To do this click the create chapter buttons when playing back the videos.

Step 3: Customising Menus

With the basic menu created you can then customize the look of it to make it much more personal. To do this, click on the "Customize" tab on the create module. The layout section can be used to apply a range of different menu templates to your design. It's also possible to click on the chapter buttons and elements of the menu and then drag them to move them around. This makes it very easy to create a custom unique menu.

Step 4: Chapter Thumbnails

The chapter thumbnails will display a certain frame on the videos. You can change this thumbnail image by clicking on the button that you want to change. Then a list of frames will appear, simply double click the frame that you want to use as the thumbnail image.

Step 5: Background Music

To make your menu more enjoyable to use, you should add background music to it. To do this, drag an audio file from the gallery down to the background music area which is located right below the preview window. The music will then be played whenever anyone looks at your menu.

Step 6: Changing Background Image

The background image can be changed by clicking on the Theme tab. Choose the theme of background that you want to apply or create a new background by clicking on the "new background" button. You will be able to see the menu preview by looking in the preview window.

Step 7: Changing Text

The menu text can be changed by double clicking on any text in the preview button and then changing it. The font, size, alignment and color can all be adjusted.