Designing Power Plants in Autocad Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D rides on the AutoCAD platform and is easy to use. It requires little or no training to be able to understand it. It is also simple and quick to install.

Step 1: Create Model

The first thing that you need to do once you have installed the software is to launch it and open the project manager. Using the project manager, you are able to create a new 3D model drawing. You also have the chance to modify equipment such as tanks and boilers. When you are modeling the equipment, the first thing that you need to do is to know its locations, physical dimensions, as well as other details.

Step 2: Create and Modify Structure

You are able to use AutoCAD Plant 3D for the creation of structural objects. When incorporated with equipment such as piping, the tools are able to assist you in detecting various faults and interferences in the plant model. Structural objects also help in getting client opinions in regards to hazards and designs on piping plans as well as other drawings. You are also able to set the model representation that takes control of how the structural objects are displayed.

Step 3: Create and Modify Piping

You are advised to use piping specifications when routing valves, pipes and fittings in the model. Among these fittings, it is recommended that you begin with the pipe specifications. The pipe specifications shows which fittings you require incase you change the direction, branch or size of the pipe. You are also able to set the pipe size, specification and line number in the ribbon, and change them while or before routing it in the model. The specifications of the pipe also are determinants for the fittings and the fasteners that are to be used when you are routing or connecting the pipe.

Step 4: Create and Modify Pipe Supports

Pipe supports include trunnions, hangers, pipe stanchions, pipe guides, pipe clamps, pipe rolls, ubolts and shoes. Pipe supports can be customized by attaching AutoCAD objects to a pipe support. If the type of support is not in the library, you have the option of converting AutoCAD objects into pipe supports that are customized. Pipe supports in 3D models can be created using parametic libraries because they are models for equipment that is mechanical. When pipe supports are connected to a pipe, they size and support orientation is determined from the pipe line. A trapeze bar cannot connect to a pipe line due to that fact that it supports many of them.

Step 5: Control the Plant 3D Model Display

This will enable you to have more realistic and visual styles. When using a wireframe visual style, you normally put the display settings which are not the same with the ones that are configured for a realistic visual style. To enable the silhouettes for the wireframe display, click on the home tab, then to Visual Styles Pane and the Visuals Styles Manager. This process will enable you to turn on the silhouettes.