Designing Menus in DVD Factory

DVD Factory software is ideal in creating professional-looking and high-quality DVDs. This application is part of the Corel Studio media suite. The user-friendly interface makes it one easy-to-use program for both professionals and beginners.

Using the DVD Factory applications, you can easily create Hollywood style animated menus with stunning special effects. After you create your movie, you can also add a professional-looking DVD menu, and add Hollywood design movie chapters and simplify the section search. The easy-to-use chapters simplify the scene searches on DVDs.

Step 1: Creating Animated DVD Menus

DVD Factory has easy-to-use options and features that allow you to create interesting animated menus for your DVDs. It is very easy to create an animated DVD menu. Start by launching your program and opening your project or movie. Go to the Action Bar. Here, click on the Create menu and select DVD Disc. After that, go to the Create Video Disc page and select the desired movie style you wish to apply on your movie set. Click Select Photos and Videos option.

Next, you need to drag the video folder to the Media Tray. After you have done so, click the Go to Menu Editing Page option. You will see several buttons. Look for the Create Chapter Point button, and click on it. You will now notice that a marker will be placed at the start of each video that you have selected. Now click Apply. Continue by looking for the Simulate Disc button. Click on this button, as well. You can also use the remote controls or click the chapter thumbnails in the preview box to scroll through the movie. You can now enjoy your animated and professional looking DVD menus.

Step 2: Capture Options

The DVD Factory application is not only useful for designing menus. It offers many features. One of them is the TV to DVD direct capture, which allows you to directly record TV feeds to DVDs. You can use the Import from TV Tuner/Capture card and name the event you record, and select the device burner. You can also upload video files from DVs or HDVs directly to disc.

Step 3: Digital Content and Other Devices

DVD Factory can directly transfer digital video content to DVDs. It is also has the easy digital content backup feature, which allows you to quickly add files as DVD backup. This way, you will always have a copy of your videos and photos. You can also import, create, copy, print and share folder content. Another special feature offers you the possibility to create audio discs and burn audio CDs and mp3 discs. The application allows DVD duplication, as well. It is easy to duplicate your projects and videos and share them from PC to any portable devices such as iPods, iPhones and mobile phones.

Combined with other Corel media programs, such as PaintShop Photo Pro and Video Studio, the DVD Factory software is a fantastic alternative to creating pan and zoom slideshows and professional-looking movies with titles and chapter.