DecoStudio: Making Embroidery Effects

DecoStudio is a Wilcom product that is widely used by embroidery designers, which provides stitch processor, lettering and monogramming, among other effects. When it comes to embroidery effects, DecoStudio can be used to create embroidery numbers and lettering, create motifs, as well as bend and shade shapes. Embroidery effects are especially useful for clothes designers. It is a great choice for beginners, as it is simple to use.

DecoStudio software, along with Corel Draw, will deliver the effects you are looking for without any stitching.

Vector Image

You begin by selecting the vector image you want to edit. The beauty with the DecoStudio software is that you will not need to have a manual redraw, and you will use the image as is.

Effects Menu

Next, you will open the effects menu from where you will then select the fabric you wish to work with, and you will get a suggested stitching setting to go with it.


Set your preferred DPI value while keeping in mind that a higher DPI value means a larger file size.  You will also need to choose a fabric type setting, which lets you choose the density of the stitches. For impressions of heavier materials, you need to have denser stitches. Denser stitches actually give a more realistic impression.

DecoStudio software allows for a combination of decorations and will guide you on the best stitch settings for the fabric you choose. The only downside to the DecoStudio software is that it is not best to use for complex designing, but is rather suitable for beginners and those looking to improve their skills.