Daniusoft Youtube Downloader: An Overview

Daniusoft YouTube Downloader is the perfect solution for anyone looking to download their YouTube videos to their Mac computer. This particular software is also very user friendly, yet it has a host of powerful features that let you, for example, download and then convert your FLV YouTube video files for playing on players that support other formats. Daniusoft YouTube Downloader does more than download YouTube video files, because it can also download videos (FLV) from a variety of sites such as Facebook, Vimeo and Gofish Video and puts these on your Mac OS X as well.

Specific Videos

With Daniusoft YouTube Downloader, it is easy to search for certain YouTube files, which the software will then detect and download without need for any manual action. In addition, it also allows you to copy and paste the URL for a particular video and it will then download that video to your Mac. This software also supports batch downloading.

Converting Videos

Daniusoft YouTube Downloader has strong features that allow it to convert a YouTube FLV video into all the current crop of formats that are being used by various multimedia players. What’s more, it also performs these conversions at very high speeds.

Audio Extraction

If you are interested in audio extraction, then be sure to use Daniusoft YouTube Downloader, which take audio tracks from video files. After extracting the audio portion from your video it will convert this into all the different formats used by modern players.

Daniusoft YouTube Downloader also performs conversions for a whole host of devices and can also optimize the settings for those devices.