Daniusoft Video Converter Pro for Windows: An Overview

The Daniusoft Video Converter Pro is a professional program developed to meet the needs and demands of users that need to extract and convert video or audio from one format to another. Both video and audio can be converted for use on a variety of multimedia players. Editing functions have also been integrated to create customized videos and effects. It is powerful yet easy to use. Here is an in depth look into some of the program’s key aspects.

Extracts DVD Files

One of main key features of the software is that it can rip files from DVDs. Files can be ripped regardless of the type of DVD. DRM protected file types such as WMV, M4V, M4P and WMA can also be copied. The protection on these types of files can be removed legally using the program, allowing the files to be copied. Video files are recorded while being played, resulting in a duplicate with no protection. Files copied from DVDs can be also be copied onto the local hard drive to serve as a backup.

Converts Videos and Audio

The program supports a number of input and output formats for both video and audio files. Some of the standard definition videos supported include MP4, FLV, MOV, ASF and 3GP while high definition formats include MTS, M2TS and HD AVI. Audio files can also be extracted from videos and saved separately. Output audio files include MP3, WAV, AC3 and AAC among others. Users can choose to convert to these formats or other file types supported by the program. These converted files can then be played on devices such as the iPod, iPad iPhone, Apple TV, Zune and more.

Edits Video and Audio

A number of editing functions have been included in the program. Users may choose to trim by setting the start and end times. The length of the segment may also be changed by setting the duration time, and users can remove unwanted or black borders of the video by cropping. Users may choose to retain the original screen settings, go full screen or choose between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Adjust video settings such as the brightness, saturation and contrast levels for better picture quality. For audio, users may also alter the volume levels. Video effects such as Old Film, Negative, Emboss and Gray have also been integrated for a different feel.

Added Features

In addition to both audio and video, users may also choose to take a snapshot of the video and save it as an image. This image can be saved in either the JPEG or BMP format. Multiple videos can be converted at one time using the program’s built in batch conversion mode. Multithreading technology and support for multiple cores allows for quicker conversions.

User Friendly Interface

Learning how to use and master the program is easy. Simply place the DVD or attach the device to the computer and load the files directly onto the local hard drive to initiate and use the various features of the program. Ripping, editing customization and conversion of files is possible with a few clicks of the mouse.