Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac solves one of the most common problems all Mac users face, which is video incompatibility. This means that after downloading a video from the internet, you find that your player cannot read the format of the downloaded video. Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac is a powerful video converter for the Mac that converts not just video formats, but also audio formats, and maintains the quality of the original file despite performing high speed conversion. This video converter also converts to all the latest formats that are being used by various players these days. In this way, it ensures that videos from the internet can be played on any player.

Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac is a professional quality video editor that can customize videos by cropping and clipping, and it also merges videos into a single video. It also adds special effects to the video and is absolutely compatible with the latest Mac operating system, OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.

Strong Compatibility

This software converts all the latest audio and video formats. It converts high definition quality videos, supports the latest formats (video), extracts audio portions from your video and will even capture pictures or your favorite portions of the video and then save them to a JPG format.

Support for Devices

Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac provides support for the latest devices and is fully capable of performing high speed conversions of audio and video content. It supports all formats, thereby ensuring that the converted files can be played on virtually every different kind of modern player.

Photo editing

This video converter has strong photo editing features that allow you to clip videos and crop the size of frames as well as take videos and merge them into one.