Daniusoft DVD to iPod Converter for Windows: An Overview

The Daniusoft DVD to iPod Converter is user-friendly computer software which converts DVD files to play on the iPod and other related devices. Video files are converted quickly and in high quality. Several editing features have been included in the program to make the conversion process quick and convenient for the user. The following are some of the program’s key features.

Converts DVD Files

Daniusoft DVD to iPod Converter is able to convert DVD files into a variety of different formats for the iPod. Users will be given a choice of which output formats to choose. Both video and audio formats can be converted for the Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch, Touch 3G, Nano, 5G and Video. Videos extracted from DVDs can be converted to MP4, M4V and MPEG-4 formats. Audio files taken from DVDs can be converted to MP3, M4A and AAC files.

Edits Videos and Audio

Prior to the conversion, users can modify settings such as the screen resolution, video and audio bit rate, framing and the sound channel. Users can set the screen size by choosing to keep the original, go full screen or between the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Editing functions are similar to those offered in professional standalone video editing programs. Users can remove black edges by cropping and specify start and end times to determine more specific segments. Brightness, contrast, saturation and volume levels can also be altered for different video and audio effects.

Additional Features

The program is easy to use and master even for users with no prior experience with the DVD to iPod Converter or other products developed by Daniusoft. Conversions and accessing all of the other features can be done with a few quick clicks of the mouse.

Downloading Options

Users may choose to download the full or the trial version of the program. With more recent versions, there is no longer a time limit with using the free trial and it is fully functional. The main limitation with the free trial is that a watermark will be placed on any file converted using the program. For current owners of any version of the Daniusoft program, upgrades are free. Users can take advantage of the free technical support that is available to assist customers regarding upgrades and any issues with using the product. The program is easy to use and clean of any malicious programs. Several third party websites have used, tested and deemed the software of being free of any viruses or spyware, making it safe to download and use.

System Requirements

Requirements for installing the program are minimal to accommodate a wide range of users and systems. Operating systems supported by the program include Windows 2000 to Windows 7. There is a minimum requirement of 1000 MHz for systems using Intel or AMD processors. At least 1 GB of hard disk space must be available for installment and use with a minimum of 512 MB worth of RAM for use of the basic functions. For a more optimized use of the program, higher specifications are suggested.