Daniusoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows: An Overview

Daniusoft DVD to iPhone software is designed to be one of the easiest and quickest ways of converting DVD videos into a format which can be played on an iPhone. This makes it very easy to take your films with you everywhere you go. It's simple to put a DVD in the drive, then follow the instructions while the video is copied to your iPhone. Because of this, you will be able to save a lot of money as there's no need to buy a digital version of the film in iTunes if you already have it on DVD.

Convert to MP4 Format

The Daniusoft DVD to iPhone Converter can be used to convert a DVD or digital video into a format suitable for an iPhone, iPod or other portable media player. The conversion is very quick to finish, which will ensure that you will be able to convert all of your videos into a format that is suitable for iPhones with ease and speed.

Easy to Use

Daniusoft DVD to iPhone Converter is extremely easy to use. This software will present you with a set of options that you can adjust for different file types and sizes. Simply follow all of the prompts on screen to convert the video.

Setting Resolution

As well as converting the video to a suitable format, it will also make it possible to set the resolution. By reducing the resolution of the video, you can save space. This makes it possible to create high quality videos which are very small in size. Because of this, it is possible to fit more videos on a single memory card.

You will need to choose between high quality footage and file size. As the iPhone has a relatively small screen, it's possible to reduce the resolution considerably without a noticeable impact on the quality.


Although this is sold as a DVD to iPhone converter, it can also be used with a number of other devices. The videos created are all standard MP4 files. This means that you will be able to play them back on virtually any portable video player made in the last few years.

Batch Conversion

If you are converting a large number of different videos, then this can be very time consuming. A good way around this is to use batch conversion. Select the option to load batch conversion and then create a list of different files. The software will then automatically handle the conversion of all of these files one after the other. This makes it possible to convert all of the videos quickly when you don't need to use your computer.

Audio/Video Sync

Sometimes when converting the video with other techniques the audio will be out of sync with the video. When using the DVD to iPhone converter though, this shouldn't be a problem. This software is very powerful and uses revolutionary technology to minimize the risk of out of sync problems.

Cropping Video

If your video has black borders, then it's possible to remove these by cropping the video. This can also be used to remove irrelevant parts of the video.