Daniusoft DVD Creator for Windows: An Overview

Daniusoft DVD Creatoris a piece of windows software which can be used to convert digital videos into a format which is suitable for DVDs. This is a very easy way of getting the videos off your computer so that they can be enjoyed on a television or other computer without an Internet connection.

Burning Video to DVD

There are many different types of videos which can be used to burn your video DVD. The video formats supported include MPG, MPEG, MP4, VOB and AVI among a few others. The software works very quickly to convert the videos and make it possible to burn them onto disk.

The software also supports high definition videos including Xvid and H.264. This makes it possible to burn high definition videos to Blu Ray.


As well as burning the videos to DVD straight away, it's also possible to use it to create ISOs. This means that you will be able to transfer the ISO to another computer and burn it on a computer which does have a DVD writer fitted.

DVD Menu

A DVD menu creator is used to make the most out of your videos and organise them which makes it very easy for people to find the different videos. This means that it's easy to put multiple videos onto the same disk.

DVD Chapters

It's very easy to create DVD chapters which makes it very simple to organise the videos into sections which are simple to search through.

The title thumbnail for the DVD can also be customers easily. This makes it even easier for people to select the videos.