Daniusoft DVD Copy Software for Mac: An Overview

DVD copy software, such as Daniusoft DVD Copy Software for Mac, can be used to back up your favorite DVD movies so that you can carry on watching them even when the originals become scratched or damaged. While DVDs are supposed to be indestructible, they are actually fairly delicate. Backing up your DVDs is not actually illegal. You are allowed to keep a copy of discs that you legitimatly own. However, you are not allowed to copy discs that you do not own, as this would be piracy.

Copying DVDs

Daniusoft DVD Copy software is very easy to use. The user interface is very simple; it's simply a matter of following a few prompts to copy the DVD. If you don't have two DVD drives in your computer, then it's also possible to temporarily copy it to your hard drive.

Automated Shut Down

The copying process is very quick but it does use quite a lot of your computer's resources. It's not a good idea to try and use the computer at the same time as copying a disc with any software. This could increase the risk of corrupting the disc. It's also simple to set the computer to shut down automatically when it has finished copying.


DVD Copy software can also copy the DVD to an ISO file. An ISO is an image file which contains all of the information about the disc. This can be transferred to another computer for burning later.