Cucosoft DVD to PSP Converter: An Overview

The DVD to PSP Converter by Cucusoft is one of the easiest to use PSP video and audio converters. If the directory structure of the PSP and the encoding profiles for the device are giving you difficulties, then this software might just be what you need.

How to Use

All you need to do is fire up the software, select the video and the rest is taken care of automatically. There is no need to select the folders, put in the file and make thumbnails. Everything is taken care of in a single shot.

Also, the conversion rates and speeds of this software are among the fastest available out there. The converter is lent enough power by support for a wide range of file formats too. The output video files for the PSP support both extended and full screen viewing. The pricing of the software is also pretty competitive, at around $30.

Key Functions

Among the key functions of the software, the ability to convert videos for PSP format is the mainstay, but the showstopper is the ability to output DVDs to PSP supported formats in a single go. Every other converter requires at least two steps to be executed--the conversion of a DVD video to the AVI format and then converting it to the PSP supported MP4 format. This program reduces conversion times drastically.

Other noteworthy features include the minimized emphasis of system requirements. Any computer can run the software. The minimum system requirements are very low and the RAM requirement is just 32 MB.