Cross Platform Operating System for Maya

The cross platform operating system options for Maya include Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. These operating systems all have different features which show how compatible Maya is. Despite its high compatibility, various issues have also been raised in regards to specific versions of the operating systems.

Linux (Fedora 11)

Fedora is one of the most used systems on Linux due to its wide array of features. The system has good graphics and is able to show a better visual display of videos as well as photographs. Fedora, as a standalone operating system, is also one of the most secure operating systems available. This is due to its DNS security extensions. Fedora also boots much faster than other operating systems.

Maya works effectively on fedora due to its good graphics. For the software to work well with Gnome, alterations need to be done to the mouse control. It is advisable to turn off the Alt and Mouse buttons because they do not work well with Maya. These buttons, however, are needed for scene view tumbling, therefore the bindings should not conflict.

Windows 7

Windows 7 has come with the ability to display graphics more effectively. This is because of the color calibration tool feature that it has. Though this is not an alternative to spectrometers, the feature has made the system to make colors come to life and more defined. It is a known fact to most users that Windows 7 has not been tested yet for Maya 2010 products. This does not mean that it cannot work on windows 7.

The program is able to work on the operating systems, but we are advised that various hiccups could come about and they can be a problem to resolve. There have also been various complaints about Maya 2009 with relation to Windows 7. Various issues, however, need to be looked at when it comes to checking the software’s compatibility with windows 7. Issues such as the kind of graphics card used and the edition used (16 or 32 bit) may affect the general performance of the software.


The Mac OSX is a powerful platform that supports various technologies, such as Java and UNIX. This also means that the integration of software and hardware is really good. It also has an excellent graphic interface. This is because of the advanced graphics processor in the Mac, which provides really smooth animations and videos.

Maya has the capability of running smoothly on a Mac due to its high graphical interface. It has also proven to be easier and quicker to install than on Windows and Linux. It is also simpler to install due to the onscreen dialogue boxes. It is, however, advisable that you have a three button mouse. All you need to do is to plug in the mouse without installing any contour drivers, and you are good to go. Using Maya to make models using the Mac is really interesting, although it is difficult for beginners.