Creating Text Effects in DecoStudio

DecoStudio is a user-friendly tool that enables you to design logo projects, special signs, screen prints or vector-based embroidery, helping you to realize your ideas in an expert manner even with moderate skills. The next few steps show how to create text effects in DecoStudio.

Step 1 – Previewing Your Text before Saving it

Realtime Preview gives you the possibility to preview your text with different format options, without having to select them. You can highlight your text and then open different menus, sliding your cursor through the fonts, size options or colors until you are satisfied with your choice.

Step 2 – Modifying Separate Parts of Text Objects

Breaking Text Apart enables you to change the position of separate parts or letters of your text. This option is accessible with the Shapetool from the Toolbox. Space In or Out your text with the vertical and horizontal handles appearing around it. Then open “Arrange menu” choose “Break Artistic Text” select different parts of the text object and repeat until you are done.

Step 3 – Setting a Specific Shape of the Text Object

Reshaping Text is a way to change the shape of your text and it is easily done by choosing the Freehand tool and drawing the shape you want your text to take. Open “Window menu” choose “Dockers” and select “Envelope.” Selecting your text, choosing the “Eyedropper” and pointing to the shape you have previously drawn will place it on the text. Clicking "Apply" sets your text squeezed into the drawn shape.

Individual letters can also be modified by right-clicking on them and selecting “Convert To Curves.” Choose your Shapetool and use the nodes to change the shape of your letter.

Step 4 – Identifying "Mystery" Fonts

Use the “WhatTheFont?” feature to identify a font that you have seen somewhere but you do not know the name. You need an image of it, scanned, photographed or "printscreened." Import the image in your document, highlight it, open Text menu and select “WhatTheFont.” Click and drag your cursor around the image to make a box and then click on it. CorelDraw gets you to the WhatTheFont Character Search online and browses a database, allowing you to identify your favorite one and purchase it if needed.

Step 5 – Setting the Text to Follow the Outline of a Vector Object

Text On A Path is a method to set a text to follow the outline of a vector object. You can choose the “Texttool,” move it close to an object, click there and start typing; or, you can select a text object, open the Text menu above and select “Fit Text To Path.” You can then drag it and change its position and size and also use Mirror buttons of the Property bar to adjust it. To use the text as an embroidery project, click the "Wilcom" button and you will be able to choose a font suitable for your aims.