Creating DVD Compilations in Roxio Creator

Roxio Creator is developed by a division of Sonic Solutions and offers easy-to-use, simple and efficient tools for any sort of media management, making it possible to burn DVD compilations. The company also produces and sells innovative digital media production applications worldwide. Not only do they provide the tools to view and edit photos and videos, but they also provide the means for users to save their media in any format of their choice. This article will look at how to produce a DVD compilation with Roxio Creator 2011.

Step 1: Save Your DVD Movies

To begin with, choose the Video/Movies tab on Roxio Creator 2011, then click on the Copy and Convert Video option on your screen. This is located beneath the Edit and Transfer area. The program will load the Roxio Video Convert window. Make sure that you have the Copy DVD button highlighted in this window to compile your DVD videos. Choose the disc drive that contains your DVD in the "From:" area and choose the destination where you wish to store its contents on your hard disc or external disc drive (in the "To:" area).

Do mention what kind of DVD you are using in the "Disc Size" drop down section. If you have already inserted a DVD disc into your drive, you will see a small preview of the video in the source area.

Step 2: Copy an ISO Image

If you want, you can choose to make the Video Copy window behave like a normal disc burning application. To do so, simply choose a disc drive as its source and click on the green arrow on the bottom right side. This will prompt you to save an ISO image file in the Burn setup and allow you to choose how many disc copies need to be made. Click on OK to begin the Burn process.

Step 3: Compile DVD Video on Your Hard Disc

Burning discs in the Video Copy window would be under utilizing this feature of Roxio Creator 2011. What you can alternatively do--to make DVD compilations--is save a separate Disc Image or DVDvideo folder to act as the source of a physical DVD disc on your hard drive. You can choose to save your DVD as a Disc Image in the right hand side area. Now when you click on the green record button, the Video Copy window will save your DVD as a DVD Image File on to your hard disc. Similarly, it will also be able to save it as a DVD Folder. This is a great feature in Roxio Creator 2011, if you wish to save a bunch of videos as a DVD compilation on to your PC. These can then be viewed at your leisure by any DVD software operating on your computer.