Creating Custom Patterns in DecoStudio

The Wilcom DecoStudio software, along with CorelDraw X4 Suite, is a complete solution for decorative graphics and embroidery patterns. The easy-to-use software is a must for any type of embroidery business, as it has features which offer a variety of ways to create custom patterns. The following examines how you can create custom patterns by modifying any of the ten thousand clipart images provided by the CorelDraw suite.

Step 1: Import a Clipart into DecoStudio

Open the DecoStudio in the Design Mode and click on Graphics Mode. Then, partially minimize your DecoStudio window, open your clipart folder and select one. You can then simply drag and drop this clipart on to your application window in DecoStudio.

Step 2: Ungroup the Clipart

The selected clipart may be a vector graphic, which means it is a group of objects. From the top menu bar, click on Arrange and select "Ungroup All". This will let you change parts of the design of the clipart.

Step 3: Modify the Clipart

Click on the Shape Tool, which is second tool from the top in the vertical menu bar on the left side of your screen. This will let you elongate or shorten parts of the design as you drag your mouse from the points. You can also delete parts of the clipart design. Change the color of parts of the design by selecting the required color from the vertical palette on the right side of your screen.

This way you can ungroup different clipart change their shape and also group different parts of various clipart together. This means you have the potential to create innumerable custom patterns from even a few clipart designs.

Step 4: Change the Pattern to Embroidery

Once you have got your customized pattern ready, you can select it and click on Convert in the top menu bar, which will take your created design to the Embroidery Mode. After, you can go back over to the Graphics Mode to see the representation of the embroidery pattern you have just created.