Creating Chromatic Aberration with Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Looks offers the chromatic aberration and is a dynamic software developed by Red Giant Software Company, which has the ability to function both as a stand alone application or a Plug In. Compatible with a whole host of software on both Mac and PC, Magic Bullet Looks enhances the image quality of your videos in a very simple and easy to use manner. This article will look at how to create a Chromatic Aberration effect in your video.

Step 1: Opening Magic Bullet Looks in Adobe After Effects

The Chromatic Aberration tool creates an effect of a misprinted film or poor quality lenses by shifting the red, green and blue color composites, of your motion picture, apart from each other. It also allows you to choose exactly where you wish for the chromatic aberration to take place. To start, select your footage in Adobe After Effects (AAE), and click on Effect in the Menu Bar and drop down to Magic Bullet. Then, click on Looks. This will open up the Looks properties in the Effect Control Window. Beneath the Looks option, there will be a button with Edit option. Click on it to enter the Builder.

Step 2: Adding Chromatic Aberration Effect

In addition to the presets that are available to you in this software, you have a tool set in that will be necessary to add the chromatic aberration effect to your video. Go to the vertical Tools Panel on the right hand side of your screen and click on the Lens tab. Now select the Chromatic Aberration tool located there and drag it over the preview window in the center of your screen to activate the effect. By default, nothing is supposed to happen when you activate this effect. To make the effects visible, you will need to change the settings of the colors in your digital video clip. You will be able to make these changes in the default settings for the Red Cyan, Green Magenta & Blue/Yellow colors now situated on the right side of your screen beneath the Tools Panel.

By changing the values of the settings next to them, you will be able to induce a chromatic aberration effect in your video. These changes will also be highlighted in the small box beneath the preview screen indicating the intensity of your changes. When you have made the desired changes to these values to get the look that you are seeking, you can add other tools to this video clip to complement the Chromatic Aberration effect and make the output more artful.

For example, you can add the Edge Softness tool from the Tools Panel, so that the middle portion of your picture is focused and the rest of the picture around the edge of the video remains warped as before.

Step 3: Finalizing your Video

Once back in AAE, you have the option of adding additional effects to your video. Once you are satisfied with the effects quality of your video, save the changes and consider your job well done.