Creating an 8 Bit Look with Text Anarchy

Text Anarchy is a wonderful tool which can be used to create and design different types of text. Although modern computers are capable of complex 3D graphics, it's sometimes really nice to create a retro 8 bit text look by using Text Anarchy. Although there are many tools which can be used to create similar designs of text, using Text Anarchy is normally the easiest.

Text anarchy is a plug in for Adobe After Effects. There are a number of different tools which are included with this package; some of the most popular components will be Text Matrix and Text Grid.

Step 1: Opening AfterEffects

The first thing to do is open Adobe After Effects on your computer. As long as the Text Anarchy plugin is installed, it can then be used to create interesting text effects. Create a new project and start a new composition.

Step 2: Choosing a Font

You will now need to spend time searching for a font which you can use to provide a Retro look. There are a few on your computer which will be suitable. If you don't have any that you want to use, then more can be found on the Internet for download.

Step 3: Adding Other Elements

With your text layer complete, other layers can be added and animated as you wish. The text can be controlled in exactly the same way as any other elements in AfterEffects.