Creating Albums in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD is video editing software available from ArcSoft. It was designed specifically for enthusiasts to turn their home videos into great movies. With this software, text and menus can be added, as well as transitions and effects. This software will capture the video from your computer, edit it and then burn it into the appropriate format. One of the main tools/features in ShowBiz is the album feature.

Step 1: Create Album

In order to add content to a movie, an album will need to be created. These albums function as shortcuts to where the files are stored on the computer. The icons in the album do not contain the actual video clips, just the link to open each clip.

In order to create an album, the user must be in the media tab. There is an album pull down. Within this pull down, select create new album. Enter in a new name for the album or use an existing name. It is easy to create multiple albums. Organize these albums however you want. An example is creating an album for Christmas, vacation photos and more.

Step 2: Add to the Album

Once the album is created, browse through your system to add the appropriate video clips, photos and media files. Add content at any time by clicking on the add button. When the album is completed, it is possible to add content and edit existing projects.

Step 3: Add Content

In the storyboard window, it is possible to create a movie by adding content from the albums. The larger squares are where the videos and still images are inserted. The small squares are for the transitions between these elements. Content can be added from albums by dragging and dropping the shortcut picture to the appropriate spot. 

Step 4: Add Audio

Adding audio tracks is done in the same way as adding content. Make sure the audio is loaded into the appropriate album, and then drag and drop or select it to add this to the storyboard timeline. Audio can also be added by highlighting the thumbnail within the album and clicking the add arrow. Use 1 track for the entire movie, change tracks with transitions, or only use audio for a specific section.

Step 5: Add Chapters

Creating chapters in a DVD is done in the same way that content is added. Choose the album with the desired video clip. The video clip will be selected as a new chapter within the menu. Keep adding all the clips that you want to appear as chapters within the menu. It is possible to add clips from different albums. You are not restricted to 1 album per DVD. Once the chapters are added, it is possible to customize the layout. Click and drag the buttons to new positions or choose a preset option. 

Step 6: Edit

Once you are done adding content to the video and menu from the albums, additional editing can be done. Add transitions between the different clips or add special effects to the clips themselves. It is possible to change the speed of a clip, duration and more.