Creating a Psychedelic Background in Trapcode Shine

Trapcode Shine is a plug in developed by Red Giant Software and is ideal for producing radiant light effects that either sweep through your footage or glow from a single point source. Trapcode Shine is used by professionals in the entertainment industry. The following mentions how to make a psychedelic background for your motion video.

Step 1: Make Swirling Rotating Layer

To get started, add a solid layer of any color you like before adding a second shape layer. To make a shape layer, first deselect the first layer and double click on the button with the star. This will add a polystar shape on top of your first layer. Go into the Polystar Properties, and click on Polystar Path to edit the image. In the Polystart Path properties, set the number of points you wish your star to have. Next, choose the inner radius option, and set it down to zero so that you get a really tight star shape.

Now, set the Outer Radius of your shape to go beyond the scope of your visual presentation and then set the Outer Roundness. Before you get to cover up the center, you must add a twist. Click the small Add button in your Shape layer properties. Set the Twist to the appropriate level, and you will see a twist developing in your shape. Cover up the center, where the light glow will appear, by adding a solid layer over the center.

Step 2: Add Rotation & Color to Your Design

To add rotation to your design, go back to your Polystar shape layer and press R; this will bring up the rotation properties. In the space provided, type a time of your choice. This number will determine degrees your design rotates per second. To make your design really groovy, duplicate your shape layer by hitting Ctrl D on your key board. Change the mode option from Normal to Multiply. Change the Twist option in this second Shape layer to reverse rotations by just adding a negative sign next to the number already set in your first Shape Layer. This will add a nice floral pattern to your design.

To add multiple changing colors to your design, add an Adjustment Layer. Then, add the Hue & Saturation effect to this layer. In the Hue & Saturation effect window, click on the button preceding the Channel Range button, making sure that your video is at its very beginning. Then, move the timeline till the very end. This will add the multiple color effect.

Step 3: Add Light with Trapcode Shine Plug In

Once your design is finalized, select the first Shape layer of your design and choose among the effects options to use Trapcode Shine. Once the options menu opens in the Effects Control Window, change the Colorize option to none so that you may use the color options already selected. Then, change the Transfer Mode option which is at the bottom of your options window from None to Add, so that the colors glow along with the original shapes. Now you need to double the number in your Ray Length option so that the light rays cover your whole design.