Creating a Lightsaber Effect

A Lightsaber effect can be created using the popular photo editing software Photoshop. You will need a photo of a person holding a replica light saber, and with the help of Photoshop, you can convert it into a glowing one as you have observed in the movie "Star Wars".

Step 1: Opening the Image in Photoshop

Initialize Photoshop and open your photo in the work area by clicking File and Open.

Step 2: Creating a Black Layer

Click on Layer from the top menu bar, and select New and click on Layer. In the window that opens, change the Mode to "Screen", and opt for the "Fill Screen with Neutral Color Black". Click OK. You will see this new layer in the Layer Box on the right.

Step 3: Using the Pen Tool

Now zoom in on your saber in the photo and choose the Pen Tool from the vertical tool bar on the left. You will have several options in the Pen Tool, and you need to choose the first option which is the regular Pen Tool. With this tool, now fill the part of the light saber which you want the glowing effect on. In the preview window, you can see the effect as you are doing the work.

Step 4: Creating Multiple Layers for Luminosity

Click on Layer, and choose Duplicate Layer and click OK. Repeat this one more time. Now click on Filter and choose Blur; click on Gauzing Blur and set the value at 10. Repeat this process for the other duplicate layer you have created. Now you will see that the saber has got the glowing effect.

Step 5: Adding Color

Click on Image, select Adjustments and click on Color Balance. In the window that opens, check the Preserve luminosity and choose a mid tone color like green. Click OK, and save the image by going to File and Save As.