Correcting Shaky Videos with Power Producer

Power Producer has come up with more innovative ways for editing video. The Magical Tools Edit is now incorporated into the software to ensure that all videos edited are in top shape. One of the major issues that arises when editing videos is shaky clips. Editing shaky videos has proven to be cumbersome and sometimes annoying. With the use of Magic Fix in PowerProducer, you are able to edit shaky videos with just a click of the button.

Step 1: Select the Clip

The first thing that you will need to do is to launch the Magic Movie Wizard on PowerProducer. This wizard is normally used for touching up video content. It enables you to fix a shaky video, red eye issues, as well as poor lighting. Once you have launched it, click on edit and select the clip that you want to work on in the media library.

You will find a number of clips that you saved in the media library. Select the clip that you would like to edit and drag it down to the timeline. The first thing that you will need to do is to select the video clip in the timeline and highlight it. After this is done, click on the magic fix button that is on the left of the timeline. Magic fix will fix shaky videos, blurry photos and assist in removing red eye. Check the "apply stabilizer" that is above the timeline to correct the shaky video.

Step 2: Preview

Move the slider slightly to the right to improve the video. After you have done this, click on play on the preview window and see if there is any difference. The split on the left is the original and the one on the right is the new improved video. You will find that Magic Fix has balanced out the shakiness of the video. After you have sorted out a particular video clip, click on apply to all.

Step 3: Blurry Photos

If you have blurry photos, click on Fix photo on Magic Fix and check on apply refocus. Move the slider to the right and the photo will be more detailed. Magic Fix also removes the red eye in a photo. If you are to remove the red eye, check on “remove red eye”. Go down to edit image and click on “Photo” now. Click on the red eye removal button. After you have removed the red eye, click on “file” and “save”. After that, go back to the edit menu.

It is important to note that Magic Fix is only applicable in video clips that are defective and therefore it cannot work on perfect video clips. This is because there will be little or insignificant change in the video clips. The feature is built to make video clips better and is user friendly. It is important to also note that in order to use Magic Fix; you need to know how to use other features of the program.