Corel VideoStudio: Real World Applications

Corel VideoStudio is software that allows you to do many things that are going to test the limits of your creativity. It has many features that are geared to help you do things like overlay text, video and images into your projects. Here is how a real world application can be completed to satisfaction through this program.

Smart Proxy technology

With Smart Proxy technologies, you can smoothly playback your videos. Even if you are using an ordinary PC, you can perform the same kind of editing and get similar results as you would by using a high quality workstation for video editing.


When viewing videos that you have shot, you need to look at the clips in a certain timeline or in storyboard mode. You will also want to add pictures, videos and text, as well as audio and even music tracks. For this and more, you can make use of Video Filters. Just capture your video and then trim and divide it into different clips. After that, you can edit it any way you'd like.

Effects and Transitions

With features such as RotoStretch, it is easy to trace over real-time action movements on film, and with Auto Stroke, you can do exactly the same with your photos and video frames.