Corel VideoStudio: Key Features

Corel VideoStudio is an easy-to-use high speed high definition video editing program. Corel VideoStudio is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a free trial of the program is available. Here are some key features of this program:

1. Professional Content

One of the best features of Corel VideoStudio is the professional content that is included with the program. Corel VideoStudio comes with over $500 worth of high definition templates from RevoStock that you can use to edit your videos with. Corel VideoStudio even comes with high quality titles, music, real time effects and transitions.

2. Workflow Speed

Time is money, especially if you are a professional video editor. The faster you get one video edited, the faster you can move onto the next video. To help speed up your workflow, Corel VideoStudio features GPU acceleration from Nvidia and CPU optimization from Intel. Corel VideoStudio also comes with a smart proxy tool that is designed to make high definition editing smoother and faster.

3. HD Video Editing

Corel VideoStudio makes it easy for you to perform high definition video editing. Corel VideoStudio is able to import HD video files from most camcorders, including JVC HD camcorders and Blu-ray disc camcorders. Once you are done editing your video in high definition in Corel VideoStudio, you can easily burn it to a Blu-ray disc or DVD with Corel VideoStudio. If you are looking to display your video on the web, Corel VideoStudio provides H.264 compression, which makes the file size smaller.