Corel DVD MovieFactory: What's New?

Corel DVD MovieFactory is a software package that creates, burns and also turns photographs and home videos into high quality DVDs, AVCHDs and Blu-Ray discs. With this particular software, there are many new things that you can do, including making use of the best effects to help create outstanding motion menus.

Recording directly to disc, creating music discs, backing up data and even playing DVD/AVCHD discs are some of the many new things that you can do with Corel DVD MovieFactory. Here's more information on this software.

Import HD videos

This software allows users to import HD video from any and all of the latest High Definition camcorders on the market. This means that you can import from HDV, AVCHD and Blu-Ray Disc camcorders while making use of tapes, discs, hard drives or memory cards.

HD Slideshows

Corel DVD MovieFactory allows users to create their own HD slideshows with perfect clarity and with outstanding detail.


This software will also allow you to edit and also preview your HD video on any machine. This is made possible because the software makes use of Smart Proxy Technology that works perfectly, even on the less expensive machines.

Blu-Ray Disc

If you want to output to a Blu-Ray Disc, this software has advanced features including pop-up menus that display without causing any interruption to the movie.

Burn HD Video

Lastly, Corel DVD MovieFactory also makes it easy to burn your HD video to an AVCHD disc on standard DVD players.

This software also has state-of-the-art disc authoring features and offers superb usability, which ensures that you can get started immediately and easily. It can also work with Windows Vista and it has the ability to work at lightning fast speeds with all the best and latest Intel processors.