Comparing all Three Power2Go Products

A comparison of all three Power2Go products is going to help you understand how to get the most value for good CD burning software. In terms of price, Power2Go 7 is more expensive, priced at $49.95, while both Power2Go 6 and Power2Go 5.5 are priced at $34.95. Before spending your money on this software, it will pay for you to compare each product's disc format support, data burning abilities, and videos, photos and music burning abilities.

Disc Format Support

Whereas only Power2Go 7 offers disc format support for BDXL Disc, in terms of other formats each offers support for BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-R/RW, DVD +R/RW and CD-R/RW. It is up to you to decide which version is most suitable for your needs.

Data Burning

Power2Go 7 offers unique data burning abilities in that it supports 256-bit Disc Encryption and Password Reminder, which are not offered by the other versions. Both Power2Go 7 and Power2Go 6 offer password protection for partial as well as an entire disc, but Power2Go 5.5 does not provide this feature. In addition, only Power2Go 7 offers .ISO (Disc image) viewer which is not supported by the other two versions.


Only Power2Go 7 offers Photo Gallery Disc Creation. However, all three versions support DVD Menu Authoring, while only Power2Go 7 alone offers support for downloadable free menu templates from

Music Burning

Power2Go 7 is alone in being able to support music burning for Audio Waveform Editor, while all three versions support CD ripping to MP3.