Combining 3D Arsenal and Tricaster

3D Arsenal provides opportunities for people to be able to add 3D text effects, video effects, as well as 3D composites to various Tricaster projects. It is an integrated solution that is made to meet the needs of the video editor for 3D animation. It offers easy solutions for the creation of text and is a good companion for any video editor. Tricaster is mainly used for live productions and it is flexible, enabling you to deliver these productions on your own or as a team.

Despite 3D Arsenal being a standalone application that runs on a separate PC or Mac, you are able to integrate the 3D Arsenal output with your Tricaster. All you need to do is create your scene in 3D Arsenal and render it as a speed HQ .avi file. This file can be loaded onto the VCR of your Tricaster for play back during a presentation, which is a great way to incorporate eye catching opens and closes during the presentation.

Step 1: Selecting the Files

The first step in doing this is being able to know the files that you want to use for this process. Knowing their location in the computer is also important because you will need to upload them.

Step 2: Rendering

The second thing that you need to do is to click on Rendering and then click on render options. Under the render options dialogue box, you will see 3 main tabs: rendering, output files and device control. Click on the output file and select Save Animation. Click on Type and on the drop down list, select AVI. Go to video compression and select Speed HQ and then click on OK. On the VCR play list, click on Add, select the file that you would like, and click on Play.

Step 3: Edit Media

Speed added HQ AVI codec also supports an alpha channel, which means you can take the same AVI file onto the editor and composite with it. In this case, we will take an AVI with Alpha into to the Tricaster editor and instantly composite it over video or an animated background. The third step is to edit the media. On the right hand side, there are 3 major tabs. The first tab is the Media Bin, followed by the Control and the Tool Shed Tab. Click on the Media Bin tab and select any 3D back ground that you would like, and drag it to the timeline. This will automatically show on the display. Click on your clip, drag it down to the timeline, and then click on Overlay. You will be able to adjust or zoom into the desired position. Now add sound effects and hit Prepare for VCR.

There are various editing techniques that you can do with your media now that you have combined 3D Arsenal with TriCaster. You can change backgrounds and also add various sound effects to make the video look more interesting.