Changing the Frame Rate of Your Movie Using Twixtor

When it comes to video retiming, Twixtor pops out as one of the best software options. Available as a plug in for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, one is capable of attaining time warping effects, such as slow motion or a fast forwarding effect in video footage. At first sight, Twixtor options can look a little daunting.

Step 1: Getting Started

Before you start, you will need to have one of the video retouching or video editing programs mentioned earlier (AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut), and the Twixtor plugin already installed on your computer. The plug in can be acquired on its developer's page Re:Vision FX, and the price varies depending on the features included (from basic to pro). Here, we will explore the AE approach.

Step 2: Creating a New AE Composition

Start the Adobe After Effects program. A window will appear after the program has finished loading; click on the "New Composition" prompt in this window. Choose the NTSC DV preset from the dropdown list at the top of the window. You can also create a new composition according to your footage's resolution and original frame rate. Usually AE default presets will suffice, but sometimes its better if you choose these settings manually. Give your Composition a name and click on the "Accept" button at the window's bottom.

Step 3: Importing Your Footage

Now you are going to import your video footage. Go to the "File" Menu, and in the "Import" section, click on the "File" or "Multiple Files" button (according to the number of files). Once you're done with the importing, drag your footage to the composition timeline, located in the lower half of the AE Program window.

Step 4: Applying Twixtor and Changing Your Video Footage Frame Rate

When you've completed the previous steps, go to the "Effects and Presets" tab located on the AE program window's right side, and locate the Twixtor effect. Click on the effect name, and drag it to your video footage's name on the composition timeline. The plugin parameters will appear in the "Effects Controls" tab, located to the left of your composition main preview space. In the plug in's parameters set "Input: fields" to "none", and change the "Input: frame rate" parameter to match your original video footage frame rate. Then, set the "Output: Frame Rate" parameter to your desire frame rate.

Normally Twixtor takes this parameter form the composition's frame rate, but it can be modified to fit one's needs. Once you've finished setting the plugin, you can Go to the "File" menu, and in the "Export" section, select the format to which you want to export your modified footage.

You have just successfully changed your video footage frame rate with Twixtor.