CD Architect: Making Hidden Music Tracks

CD Architect is a useful piece of software which can be used to create high quality music CDs. It's even possible to create hidden tracks on your disks. By doing this, you can make your CDs look much more professional. These tracks are not given any track numbers, which means that they won't be listed on the track listing.

These hidden tracks are very popular with listeneres because they love the idea of getting something extra that they didn't pay for. People also like the option of discovering something that they didn't know was there. Although it's possible to create these hidden tracks with any music software, it is much easier when you are using CD Architect.

Step 1: Adding Secret Tracks to the Start of the Disk

The best option to create hidden tracks would be to include them before the first track. This means that listeners would not be able to find them accidentally. In this case, the only chance of uncovering the hidden track would be to put the disk in their CD player and start to play it at track one. Then, it is possible to rewind past the beginning of track one to access the hidden track.

Unfortunately, whether or not this is possible will depend on the recorder you are using; very few recorders allow you to do this. Read the manual which came with your recorder to find out whether or not this is a possibility for you. If this is possible on your recorder, then you need to create your CD time line as normal. Then, create the hidden track and drag it onto the timeline before the first tracks position.

Step 2: Adding Tracks to the End

The easiest option to create hidden music tracks in CD Architect is to add them to the end of the disk. This is supported by all players and recorders. The only problem with this is that your listeners will eventually stumble across the hidden track should they leave it playing for too long.

Step 3: Adding Silence

To add hidden tracks to the end of the track in CD Architect, you first need to extend the length of the last track by adding silence. This will make most people believe that the CD has finished and they will probably stop it playing or restart it. You will need to have the silence lasting a few seconds to minimize the chances of people finding the track too easily.

Step 4: Adding Extra Tracks

Add the extra track to the end of the last track just after the silence. This means that both of the tracks (the last track and the hidden track) will be treated as a single track. Because of this the hidden track will not be given its own track number. This means that it's treated as one large track.

The only way that your listeners will be able to hear this hidden track is to accidentally leave it playing or to purposely fast-forward through the silence.

Step 5: Burning the Disk

With your track successfully hidden, you then need to burn the disk using your CD writer. CD Architect will burn it in a format which is suitable for being read with stereos and hi-fis.