CATvids: A Short Overview

CATVids is specialized software that has been developed to enable a user to manage and catalog his entire Blu-ray or DVD movie collection. The software is also capable of extending this primary functionality to media other than DVDs or Blu-rays. You can also manage all of your previously recorded media footage. For commercially available movies and documentaries, the software can download and then fill up meta data from the Internet. Following is a brief overview of the CATVids software.

Key Functions and Features

CATVids features a lot of fields that enable the user to enter and track regular data and metadata for any given media file. These fields can include, but are not limited to, the following: title, media format, synopsis, publisher, recording date, ratings, keywords, cast, director and special features.

There are many other features that help you keep track of your video rentals. The program offers report design enablers, flexible searching modes through the database, and pop up menus for easy and quick navigation. You can also generate customized reports, add in your own comments and notes, and export your collection details into database readable formats. The software is priced at $39.95.