Burning Blu-Rays in VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is a professional video editing application that can be used to create high quality movies with ease. Unlike many other video editing applications, this is an all in one solution. It's possible to burn Blu Ray or DVD disks directly from VideoStudio without needing any third party software.

By using VideoStudio it's possible to create DVDs and Blu-rays which look like they were commercially produced. With a bit of practice it's relatively easy to create Blu-ray disks that are indistinguishable to professionally produced disks.

Step 1: Opening VideoStudio

The first thing that you should do is open VideoStudio on your computer. You can choose any of the three options depending on the route that you want to take. The easiest method is to use the edit video option which makes it possible to touch up the video.

Step 2: Editing Your Video

Now spend some time editing the video and making it look as good as you possibly can. This will make your film look much more professional which is why you need to spend time doing this properly.

Step 3: Creating the Blu-Ray Disk

Creating the blu-ray disk is very easy. Click on the Share tab in VideoStudio. Then click on "Create a Disk" this will pop up a separate sub menu which can be used to select the type of disk you want to create. These include creating DVD or Blu Ray Disks. This will then take you to a new screen which will allow you to add the media you want to the disk.

Step 4: Adding Video Files

The videostudio add media dialog box can be a little confusing at first. To learn what the different buttons do, hover over all of the different buttons and a tooltip will explain what they do. To add video files click the first button, but if you want to add videostudio product files then you should click on the second button.

When you click on one of these buttons you will then be able to browse and find the media files that you want to add to your disk. You can then repeat this to add a number of different videos or projects onto the disk. As Blu-Ray disks are very large it's possible to add many different videos onto the disk.

Step 5: Chapters

If you have any very large videos on your blu-ray disk then you will need to consider splitting it into chapters. By splitting the videos into chapters it is then possible to make it much easier to find certain parts of the video. To create the chapters click the "Add/Edit chapter" button. Then play through the videos and click the "Add Chapter" button whenever you want to add a chapter into your video. Every chapter will have its own submenu on the disk menu.

Step 6: Menu

Now choose the type of menu design that you want to use. There are many different templates available which can be applied to your blu-ray disk.

Step 7: Preview and Burning

Click the "next" button to preview your blu-ray disk. This displays a virtual remote which can be used to control the menus and playback. If you are happy simply click "next" again to check the burn settings. Click "burn" to start the video files burning onto your blu-ray disk.