Blue Screen Software: The Advantages of Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge is blue screen software with a highly refined tool and a simple to use interface that is identical on all host applications. This advanced plug-in helps you combine various frames of images in just a short period of time, while preserving the finer details of the images like shadows, blurred edges, fine hair details and other details. Now, realistic looking composite images are just within your reach with this amazing advanced plug-in.

Ultimatte Advantedge can be used with several host applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Shale, Autodesk, Adobe Photoshop, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Combustion, Fusion and many others. Ultimatte Advantedge does have a lot of benefits to offer when compared to all other compositing software. Given below are some of the important features that differentiate Ultimatte Advantedge from the various other blue screen softwares available today.

Screen Correction

The most powerful and unique feature of Ultimatte Advantedge is the Screen Correction feature. This features allows the users to deal images that are not shot perfectly and produce output results that are really amazing. The Screen Correction feature basically plays a major role in filling in for the discrepancies in the backing area, like the uneven lighting, variations in the backing color, unwanted shadows, smudges and several other major and minor discrepancies that tend to be present in the images that have to be composited.

The feature supplies a "Clean Plate" which is generated by the software. What you need to keep in mind here is that to get the maximum results out of this feature, a reference clean plate needs to be inputted, which allows the software to provide a great shadow separation while the film grain, video noise and other artifacts are reduced.

Video Correction Filtering (VCF)

The software can detect the details of the compressed video digital formats like 4:2:0, 4:1:1 and 4:2:2, and compensate for these formats. The lost color information is restored in these formats and the blocky artifacts found in the composites of blue and green screens are reduced. Ultimatte Advantedge is the first matte generation tool in the world with the VCF feature.

Ease of Use

The new and simplified user interface in Ultimatte Advantedge makes the software easier to use. The automated controls available also add to the ease of use. The interface available on Ultimatte Advantedge is uniform across all platforms, thus making it easier for users to move the settings freely from one platform to another and expect the same results across. The automated control in the new interface automatically samples the image or matte, and sets various controls that can provide the best adjustment for the image.

Smart Matte Sizing

Smart Matte Sizing is another feature that is available in Ultimatte Advantedge, which offers a new approach to calculating the density of matte without permitting the matte to become too dense. With the option of Smart Matte Sizing, there is virtually no possibility that the matter becomes over dense.