Basic Controls for Red Giant Colorista II

Colorista is a powerful and easy-to-use color corrector. Using the special features of this program, users can now adjust individual colors and add cool touch-ups or even rebuild highlight details.

Three-Way Color Wheels

This is the primary feature of Colorista. You can use this feature to adjust and color-correct the Red, Green and Blue channels. The 3-way color wheels are Shadows, Highlights and Midtones, each with their own color wheel.


If you wish to adjust the Hue, simply go to the Midtones wheel and roll down the color wheel on the right side.


Colorista also allows you to adjust Saturation. On the middle Midtones wheel, roll down or roll up the color wheel on the left side.

Midtones Brightness

The top side of the Midtones wheel allows you to adjust the Brightness. By rolling up or down, you can make the image brighter or darker.

Reset Options 

Colorista also allows you to separately reset these options. You can double-click on any of the Hue, Saturation or Brightness options and reset them.

White Balance 

The White Balance Tool has been transformed into an Auto Balance Tool in this version of Colorista. When you use it to balance a gray or white object in your scene, it changes both the color highlight to make it uniform and the shadow to warm it up.

HSL Controls 

The HSL Controls in Colorista help users drastically improve color image. The eight channels make it easy to get the crucial colors right. You can adjust the color and saturation level in the left HSL wheel and the hue and lightness level in the right HSL wheel.

Adjusting Colors

Colorista offers you the easiest way to adjust colors. You can use the HSL controls for that. Click on a color dot and move it along the edge. As you can see, the color changes its tone, from darker or lighter colors to the opposite.

Color De-Saturation 

Colorista also allows you to de-saturate a color. In order to do so, move the color dot towards the center of your HSL control. As you can see, the color starts to fade.

Super Saturation 

Users can add Super Saturation effects, as well. In order to do so, drag the color dot outside the HSL wheel. The effect will be a super saturated color.

Resetting Colors 

If you do not like the changes, you can always reset the colors in the HSL controls by double-clicking the color dot.

Darken Colors 

Colorista allows you to darken colors by pushing the color dot towards the center of the right wheel.

Brightness Levels 

Colorista has not only RGB channels, but also an Orange channel that is responsible for editing skin tones. You can easily brighten skin tones by adjusting the amount of orange color.