AVS Video Remaker: An Overview

AVS Video Remaker is an excellent tool that helps with editing video files without performing any kind of conversion of the file. This software has tools that make it easier to snip out those scenes that you wish to remove from videos recorded on different camcorder models such as DVD, DVR and PVR. Here is a brief overview of AVS Video Remaker.


The primary AVS Video Remaker function is to edit videos without needing to reconvert the video to any other video format. Secondly, it also allows you to perform editing on different popular formats, such as the latest Blu-Ray format and other commonly used formats such as DVD, WMV, MPEG and even AVI.

Compatible with Windows 7

AVS Video Remaker is compatible with the latest version of Windows, Windows 7, and other version like Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


If your videos have certain parts that you do not want included in the final product, you can simply remove them from your HD, DVD, AVI and MPEG format and then save the edited version of the video.

Video Capture

AVS Video Remaker makes it easy to transfer videos that were created with a camcorder or video camera to your computer’s hard drive. In addition, AVS Video Remaker also makes it easy for you to create videos from your web camera as well as from your DV camera.

Supports Different Languages

AVS Video Remaker offers an easy to use interface and also technical support in various languages including French, Spanish, German, English and Italian.