AVS Video Converter: An Overview

AVS Video Converter is software that helps you convert your video files into any one of the popular video formats. It also makes it easy to create Blu-Ray and HD videos. This software provides tools that help in converting files for use with different devices, and it also makes it easy to upload your videos on some of the best known websites directly from its interface.

Video Conversion

No matter which modern video format it is, with AVS Video Converter it is easy to convert your video into any other format.

Convert in Batches

This software allows you to convert multiple numbers of video files simultaneously, and you can also burn the converted files onto your Blu-Ray or DVD discs. All this can be done in batches.

Video Manipulation

It is possible to manage and convert various HD camera video formats and then split and trim them. The software also allows you to add pieces of text and different effects to your video and then convert your files to DVD or any other compatible video format. AVS Video Converter allows you to burn Blu-Ray and DVD discs so that they can then be played on your standalone player.

Make DVDs

With some of the more advanced DVD menu templates, AVS Video Converter allows you to do many things with your movies, including splitting them into various chapters. It also gives you the ability to add video/audio and you can create unique captions to label the chapters that you created when splitting the movie.

AVS Video Converter also allows you to convert your videos and subtitle them. You can also convert your videos into formats that are compatible with modern portable devices. Other than this, it is possible to edit/convert Blu-Ray videos, create videos that can be uploaded to websites, and you can also share videos on the Internet. Finally, the software offers support in many languages and allows you to make appropriate changes to the aspect ratio so that you can remove flaws in the video.