Avid Xpress Pro HD Video Editing Tips

The video editing tips for Avid Xpress Pro can be complex if you are unsure as to how the program works. This tutorial will show you the basic way in which to import video content into your Avid Xpress Pro program for editing. All that you will need is the Avid Xpress Pro program, the digital camera and a fire wire cable.

Step 1 - Getting Started

Before you start importing your video content, you will need to close the Avid Xpress Pro HD program on your computer and turn your camera off. The reason for this is that sometimes if you try to import a video while the Avid Xpress program is running on your computer, there is the possibility of it not recognizing your camera.

Step 2 - Getting Ready to Import Content from Camera

You will need to use your fire wire cable to connect your camera with your computer. A USB cable can be used for this as well, but it will take much longer than if you were to use a fire wire. Once the camera has been connected, you will need to put it in play or edit mode. You will then be ready to import your footage from any point in the video.

Step 3 - Importing your Video to Avid Xpress Pro HD

Now, you must start the Avid Xpress Pro program. Click on the "New Project" prompt in the main box and name the video whatever you would like it to be. Then click on the "Toolset" tab from the top menu on the screen and scroll down to the "Capture" option. You will then be asked to name the tape you are importing the video from, such as "MY TAPE 001." Give the tape a new name and hit the return key on your keyboard twice.

Step 4 - Capturing the Video Content in Avid Xpress Pro

When you are ready to begin your video importing, turn on the V, A1 and A2 channels located in the Capture toolbox. This step is highly important to do as it ensures that the Avid Xpress Pro program imports the video as well as both of the audio channels you recorded on. As soon as you have done that, click on the big red record button. The digital camera will start playing at the point you chose. The video material will then begin to appear on the screen of the computer in the Avid Xpress Pro HD program. If there is a slight delay from what is playing on the camera to what is playing on your computer, do not panic, this is normal as there is a large amount of information being imported from the camera to the computer.

Congratulations! You have now successfully imported video content from your digital camera to the Avid Xpress Pro HD program on your computer.